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Order Modification & Enforcement

Post-judgment divorce matters can be every bit as stressful as contested matters dealt with prior to the divorce judgment. The family law attorneys of Jacobs Berger, LLC, have nearly 25 years of combined experience helping clients with post-judgment issues involving order modification and enforcement in New Jersey.

Order modification

Post-judgment issues can be expansive, but the focus primarily involves child custody, child support and spousal support. Often following the entry of a judgment of divorce, circumstances change and create a situation where the provisions that were agreed upon or entered by the court at the time of divorce or final judgment are no longer practical or applicable. In such cases, it would be appropriate to ask the court, or your former spouse, to modify the terms of your existing order to better suit the current conditions.

Order modifications must be done in writing and must be ratified by both parties and the court for them to be considered effective. Examples of types of order modifications, based upon changed circumstances, include an increase or decrease in child support or spousal support obligations, modification of parenting-time schedules and modification of custodial arrangements.

Jacobs Berger, LLC, frequently helps clients who wish to modify orders in New Jersey family courts, and may be able to do the same for you.

Order enforcement

Often following the entry of a Judgment of Divorce or Order of the Court, compliance with the agreed-upon or court-ordered terms can become a source of contention. In these instances, and when agreement cannot be reached, it is generally appropriate for the aggrieved party to file an application for enforcement with the court.

Once an application for enforcement has been filed, under the New Jersey Rules of Court, the statutes and the relevant case law, the court has the discretion to apply a variety of fines, sanctions and other affirmative relief to compel compliance by the negligent party.

Jacobs Berger, LLC, frequently helps clients who wish to enforce orders, and welcomes the opportunity to speak with you about your rights and the legal remedies which may apply to your situation.

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