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Hashing out conflict in a lower-risk, lower-stress setting

At Jacobs Berger, LLC, many of our clients choose mediation over traditional litigation. For parties who can set aside their emotional differences long enough to pragmatically wind down their dispute, the benefits of mediation far outweigh the turmoil, cost and unpredictability of litigation. When you and your attorney believe that mediation is a good fit to resolve your situation, we move forward in the hopes that a reasonable settlement may be achieved.

What are the benefits of mediation?

Instead of matching the emotional and financial process of family law issues with a similarly upsetting legal process, mediation works to reduce anxiety, introduce informality and help you create needed agreements at lower personal cost. Some of the reasons our clients choose mediation include:

  • A neutral, respectful environment. With the help of a neutral mediator, you have a forum to air your thoughts and wishes in a respectful environment. The other party has the same opportunity. The mediator keeps the conversation focused and clarifies sticking points and areas of agreement.
  • Confidentiality. Mediation discussions are confidential, and your concerns do not become part of a court record.
  • Voluntary. Private mediation is typically voluntary — it’s up to the parties to choose this path instead of litigation.
  • Higher satisfaction with results. By reducing the stress of the process and working with a neutral party, it’s possible to create more satisfying and constructive arrangements for child custody, parenting time and other aspects of the family law spectrum.

Engaging in mediation strengthens your ability to express your needs and concerns and your thoughts about your family. The parties are making agreements, not having a judge decide your future. Especially if you have children, the exercise of mediation helps you establish common ground to work with your co-parent in the future. Parties can be dissatisfied with court-rendered decisions, and that dissatisfaction can make it difficult to move forward towards a positive relationship.

Is mediation right for you?

Is mediation right for everyone? No solution fits everyone’s needs. However, if it seems that mediation may provide a viable and satisfying resolution, the lawyers at Jacobs Berger, LLC, encourage clients to choose the process to achieve results in their best interests. If the mediation is unsuccessful and you cannot come to an agreement, we always stand ready to fight for your best interests before an arbitrator or the court.

Regardless of how you choose to resolve your dispute, we provide skilled guidance and legal representation throughout the process.

Experienced New Jersey divorce mediation attorneys offer seasoned advice

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