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Navigating divorce and marital dissolution in New Jersey

With you from beginning to end … and beyond

Divorce can seem like an overwhelming process rife with emotional, financial, physical and legal complications. Jacobs Berger, LLC, can guide you throughout this process — from the initial filing to any post-divorce modifications. Regardless of the reasons that you’re ending your relationship, we pledge to always be forthright with you and lead you along the best path possible for your situation.

Understanding what happens pre-judgment

Pre-judgment is the term applied to the period prior to the entry of a judgment of divorce. No one wants the divorce process to drag on for years, so taking the best course of action comes from evaluating your situation and devising a plan to protect your interests. During the pre-judgment process, decisions (temporary or final) must be made regarding the following areas:

  • Child custody and parenting time. Legal custody of children must be established, along with a parenting-time arrangement that reflects the custodial/residential arrangement agreed upon by parents or decided by the court.
  • Child support. State guidelines form the structure of most child support agreements, but many factors are involved, which makes calculation of support best led by experienced attorneys.
  • Spousal maintenance. Alimony is not governed by state guidelines, but the Court will consider relevant factors if the parties cannot agree upon a level of support to be paid/received.
  • Property division. New Jersey is an equitable distribution state. This means the assets and debts of your marital estate should be divided fairly between you and your spouse, or equitably by a court.

These issues are discussed and decided during the prejudgment phase of divorce. If you and your spouse can agree on many of these issues, it will greatly decrease the difficulty of the process and save you emotional time and energy. The lawyers at Jacobs Berger helps in guiding you in formulating resolutions for alimony, valuation of businesses, property division, property settlement agreements, custody and support arrangements, and other aspects of the divorce process.

Post-judgment order modification and enforcement

Many decisions made at the time of divorce need to be revisited as the years go by. This is especially pertinent if children are involved, or if one person chooses not to cooperate with a court order. A lawyer from Jacobs Berger, LLC, can walk you through the process of modifying or enforcing existing court orders so that they are more relevant to the changing circumstances.

Read more about how Jacobs Berger, LLC, can help you with order modifications and enforcement.

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