Be Prepared!

Here at Jacobs Berger, LLC, we offer “comprehensive case assessments”. Why? Because we don’t just collect information in order to provide a potential client with a fee quote. We’re different. We provide case assessments. We invite potential clients to come to our office for an hour and a half meeting where we sit down with them and review their particular situation and the relevant documentation. Then, we craft a strategy based on each client’s unique circumstance.

Clients leave our office with a concrete plan of action. Whether they choose to retain us or not, they walk out with a clear idea of how best to proceed.

We provide a total package. We don’t believe in giving you a snippet of information that will persuade you to hire us if it’s not going to be the information that you need for resolution of your matter. If you choose not to hire us, we want you to at least know that we gave you the best advice for your situation — not the best sales pitch.

What to bring to your case assessment

We want to review anything and everything that pertain to our clients’ cases, including any:

  • Premarital agreements
  • Judgments of divorce/dissolution
  • Settlement agreements
  • Custody and parenting time agreements
  • Child support orders
  • Prior court orders
  • Domestic violence restraining orders
  • Financial records
  • Assets and liabilities statements
  • Journals/photographs/calendars

If you think the information could be remotely relevant to your case, we encourage you to bring it along. Our lawyers will determine whether it is ultimately useful to achieving the end goals we develop together.

Completing a case information statement

One of the most important documents for every person seeking a divorce or a post-judgment modification of support to complete is a case information statement (CIS). We encourage you to fill out this document before you come to our office for a case assessment regarding financial issues. It will help you to prepare and, become familiar with the financial particulars of your matter, and it will help us advise you more effectively and thoroughly.

To arrange a case assessment with one of our New Jersey attorneys, please reach out to our Morristown office by email or by calling 973-718-7705.