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Child Custody & Relocation

Custody and relocation impact the entire family

Divorce is a process of dissolving a legal relationship between parents, not relationships between parents and their children. A difficult challenge facing families going through divorce is creating a custodial and parenting-time arrangement that suits the needs of children and the relationship of their parents.

With a well-defined custodial arrangement and the commitment of both parents to support a positive co-parenting relationship. Jacobs Berger, LLC, offers personal and legal support when creating an arrangement that suits the best interests of your children and the future of your family.

Understanding custody in New Jersey

New Jersey courts are guided by the best interests of the child standard when making custodial decisions. This means that the court considers what would be best for the child(ren) when settling matters of custody and parenting time. During the initial stages of the divorce process or when unmarried parents or parents have issues concerning children, decisions must be made about the following types of custody:

  • Legal custody. Legal custody is the authority to make significant decisions on behalf of your child. Decisions about religious upbringing, education and other choices that affect your child remain your responsibility if you have legal custody. Most parents enjoy joint legal custody of their children, but there are situations when one parent has sole authority, or sole legal custody, of the child because it is more appropriate.
  • Physical custody. Providing residential and daily care to your child comes with physical custody. Like legal custody, residential custody can be sole or joint/shared depending on the history and circumstances of the family and the relationship between parents. Keep in mind, however, that joint or shared physical custody does not necessarily mean equal timesharing. A good residential custody arrangement is one that supports the relationship of both parents with the child, but places the best interests of the child above the personal desires of the parents.

Unfortunately, for some families, custody of their children and time-sharing arrangements are the source of ongoing conflict and in those cases, parents often remain in or return to court for years.

Our firm is highly qualified to help you work out an appropriate custodial and parenting-time arrangement — and we are equally adept at assisting you with post-judgment modifications of custody and parenting time when needed.

Are you thinking about relocating?

Oftentimes circumstances arise which prompt one parent to seek to move from his or her current location. When that parent is the custodial parent, the issues of removal and relocation arise. The change of circumstance may provide improved economic conditions, a better job or a reformed family when a parent remarries. As with a custody matter, the court reviews the specific facts affecting the parties’ custody and parenting-time arrangements, including the current custodial setting and relationships and the possibility of improved conditions if the move is authorized by the court.

Let Jacobs Berger, LLC, help you find the right arrangement for your family, provide good counsel on removal/relocation issues and assist your family as you struggle to make custody decisions.

Offering accessible, knowledgeable legal help with custody and family law matters

With nearly 25 years of combined experienced with custody matters in New Jersey, Jacobs Berger, LLC, offers highly qualified, personal legal support through all phases of divorce. Call 973-710-4366 or contact us online today.