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In Contempt: What to Expect if you Violate a Restraining Order

Restraining Order Violation and Domestic Violence Attorneys Morristown NJ Providing Legal Counsel to Clients Facing Restraining Orders in Florham Park, Hanover, Madison, Randolph, Tewksbury, and across Morris County Prevention of Domestic Violence Act (PDVA) of 1991 outlines a wide variety of actions which constitute domestic violence. When a person becomes the victim of any of

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The Logistics of Child Custody Exchanges

Child Custody Exchanges: Co-Parenting & The Logistics of Visitation Creating Sensible Parenting-Time Arrangements across Madison, Tewksbury, Hanover, Florham Park, and Morris County   Child support in New Jersey is determined by child custody. While legal custody of the child(ren) will eventually be based on your custody agreement, you and your co-parent or will need to

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Therapeutic Supervised Visitation and Family Reunification Therapy

Morris County Family Lawyers Discuss Therapeutic Supervised Visitation and Family Reunification Therapy New Jersey Family Courts are challenged on a daily basis by difficult cases involving families ripped apart by painful and sometimes traumatic parent-child relationships. Many of these children of divorced or unmarried co-parents have been separated from their parents as a result of parental substance

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