Month: July 2018

Child Custody and Support for Unmarried Parents

Child Custody and Child Support for Unmarried Parents in Morris County It is becoming more and more common for parents to raise children together while remaining unmarried. Sometimes these parents will take steps to formalize their relationship such as through a civil union or some kind of cohabitation agreement, however, just as with a divorce,

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Grounds for Divorce in New Jersey

Grounds for Filing for Divorce in Morris County NJ In New Jersey, every divorce must be filed based on a given reason (legally known as a “ground”). As a no-fault divorce State, individuals in New Jersey can file for what is known as a “no-fault divorce” (discussed in the sections below), or file for a “fault-based divorce.”

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Family Law Modifications and Appeals

Family Law Modifications and Appeals in Morris County NJ Many different legal matters fall under the umbrella of “family law”. Child custody, visitation and parenting time, child support, alimony, the division of assets, divorce, domestic violence and many other issues are all heard and decided by the Superior Court (within the Family Part), and as such

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