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Prejudgment Divorce

Navigating the Family Court system

There are many details to consider when your marriage is ending. The formality of the process, the paperwork involved and attendance at required court hearings can all be overwhelming to someone unfamiliar with the intricacies of the Family Division of the New Jersey Superior Court. At Jacobs Berger, LLC, we help you understand the steps involved.

Our New Jersey divorce attorneys provide guidance every step of the way. Recognizing that each case is unique and that various paths will be determined by the specific facts of each matter, the basic elements involved in a traditional litigated prejudgment divorce include:

  • Filing of pleadings;
  • Initiation of and responses to the claims for divorce;
  • Attendance at various court appearances, including case management conferences, the early settlement panel and intensive settlement conferences;
  • Preparation and filing of various court-required documents, including custody and parenting plans and Case Information Statements;
  • Participation in mandatory, court-ordered custody and parenting-time mediation and economic mediation sessions;
  • Participation in the Early Settlement Panel with volunteer attorneys and the submission of position statements to them for consideration;
  • Involvement in the discovery process, including the propounding of and response to information and document requests, such as Interrogatories and the Notice to Produce, and the taking of or attendance at depositions;
  • Attendance at a hearing finalizing your matter

Help from lawyers in the pre-judgment process

The pre-judgment process may also include filing applications to obtain various forms of relief, including Orders to Show Cause and Notices of Motion for procedural or substantive relief. These applications can address a wide array of issues that arise during the pre-judgment stage and are used to obtain solutions to time-sensitive problems prior to an ultimate resolution. The applications can include relief that addresses issues such as:

  • Temporary child custody and parenting time schedules;
  • The payment of child support or spousal support;
  • The maintenance of ongoing expenses for the family;
  • The preservation or distribution of assets and the allocation or payment of liabilities;
  • Compelling compliance with discovery and procedural requirements; and/or
  • Appointment of experts and ordering evaluations

Most, but not all, family law matters can be resolved prior to the commencement of a trial or plenary hearing. If the issues can be negotiated, the final resolution is most often memorialized in written forms, such as substantive Settlement Agreements, Consent Orders or Judgments of Divorce. For those cases that cannot be settled — despite the best efforts of the litigants, the court and the lawyers involved — a trial/hearing will be conducted for a determination by the judge presiding over the matter.

The New Jersey divorce attorneys of Jacobs Berger, LLC, will work with you to evaluate the costs and benefits of each step throughout your partnership with us.

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