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Parental Relocation Attorneys

The lawyers at Jacobs Berger, LLC, represent parents who wish to remove or relocate their child(ren) from the state of New Jersey. We assist parents who desire to move to a different city, state or country with their children in order to pursue better opportunities for themselves and their families as well as those parents who wish to prevent the other parent from taking their child(ren) away from their home in New Jersey.

Removal vs. relocation

There are two types of parental relocation in New Jersey. The first involves moving out of state or out of the country; this is technically called “removal.” The second is intrastate relocation, or moving to a different location within New Jersey. Different standards of law apply to out-of-state removal/relocation applications versus intrastate relocation applications.

Understanding the impact

Many parents do not understand the depth of the impact that child removal or relocation has upon the custody and parenting-time arrangements which currently exist between parties. In addition, individuals tend to think about removal or relocation only in a post-divorce context. In fact, this issue does not solely apply to those who have already had a custody determination and parenting-time order put in place. Relocation or removal issues can occur in the initial stages of divorce or in the establishment of custody phase.

Since different standards of law apply to prejudgment and post-judgment matters, it is wise to consult a lawyer skilled in the nuances of parental relocation/removal.

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