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Family Law & Divorce

Dedicated to you and dedicated to genuine resolutions

Jacobs Berger, LLC, has been making a difference in our clients’ lives for years. We have built our approach to family law on recognizing the genuine concerns our clients face, offering genuine guidance and providing genuine resolutions.

What makes us different? When you are a Jacobs Berger client, you are given personal attention. We understand life doesn’t fit into the “business day” — and we’re here for you as your lawyers during your entire legal process and as a continued source of support afterward. That’s our goal — aggressive advocacy and real collaboration.

Treating you right, every day

Led by Sarah J. Jacobs and Jamie N. Berger, our team works with you throughout your family law matter:

  • Divorce — Whether you are ending a marriage through divorce or ending a civil union through dissolution, our team will work with you to make sure that you understand your options and can choose the best path forward. We know how emotionally difficult and complicated these situations can be, and we strive to make the transition smoother and easier.
  • Child custody and relocation-international and domestic— Even when the partners dissolving a relationship are amicable, child custody decisions are difficult. Difficulties can be amplified by complicating factors like relocation of one parent. In most cases, removal and relocation require the consent of both parents and must be approved by the court. Jacobs Berger, LLC, works to minimize conflict and help you obtain the best solution for you and your children.
  • Order modification and enforcement – Children and situations change. When a custody, parenting time or support agreement no longer adequately reflects your circumstances, we help you get an appropriate modification. When necessary, we can also pursue enforcement of your current court order.
  • Child support and college expenses — Our firm can give you guidance about the child support you must pay or should receive. We can also advise you concerning parental responsibility for funding the post-secondary education of your child.
  • Mediation and alternative dispute resolutions — This firm is highly skilled and experienced with alternatives to litigation and other methods of dispute resolution like mediation that allow you and your spouse, partner or co-parent to create good agreements in a more collaborative environment.
  • Alimony and spousal supportAlimony/spousal support may be available to either party of a divorce or dissolution by agreement or by court order. Our New Jersey family law attorneys will work with you to negotiate or litigate appropriate support amounts based on the specific facts of your matter.
  • Equitable distribution — New Jersey is an equitable distribution state, which means that division of property is based on what is fair. Our lawyers can provide guidance regarding the rules and the decisions you will have to make when determining asset and debt division following a divorce or dissolution.
  • Domestic violence — We assist clients with restraining orders, helping secure legal protection against physical violence, verbal threats, stalking, harassment and more, and helping defend against false accusations.
  • Family formation — Whether you are forming your family through adoption or are considering a prenuptial agreement to protect premarital and separate assets, our lawyers will provide knowledgeable legal advice to help your family move forward into the next phase of family building.
  • Complex parentage issues — Our attorneys are uniquely skilled in the nuances of sophisticated parentage issues such as those associated with assisted reproductive technology and donor agreements, third-party rights, psychological parents and multiparent families.

Most important, we give you the unvarnished truth — if you’re making a mistake, we’ll let you know. If we’re not right for you, we’ll tell you, so you can find another attorney who better suits your needs.

Do you have questions about divorce and family law in New Jersey? We can help.

No concerns are more personal than those involving family. When you are facing a divorce, a custody dispute or another family law matter, reach out to Jacobs Berger, LLC. We are conveniently located at 16 Washington Street, Suite 201, Morristown, NJ 07960.  Call us today at 973-710-4366 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.