Category: Marital Aggreements

Parenting-time Mediation: Effective Approaches to Fair & Sensibly Crafted Solutions

Parenting-time Mediation Attorneys Morris County and Northern New Jersey An attorney can be involved in two ways: as a mediation attorney or as independent counsel during the mediation process. Mediation encourages communication and cooperation and is an effective Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) method for resolving divorce and family law matters such as child custody and

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Mid Marriage/Mid Nuptial Agreements

Mid Marriage/Mid Nuptial Agreements Attorney Morristown NJ Helping couples in Monmouth County including Randolph, Madison, Denville, Florham Park, Dover, Morris Plains, and the greater Morris County area Mid-marital agreements are agreements made during the marriage, which outline how property will be divided during a divorce. In New Jersey, premarital agreements are more frequently used and

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