All of us here at Jacobs Berger want to reassure our clients and business associates that their health and safety are our primary concern.

All of us here at Jacobs Berger want to reassure our clients and business associates that their health and safety are our primary concern and that we are also committed to the health and safety of our staff and our families. Though we are currently working remotely, we continue to operate as we always have, providing quality service and for us, it is “business as usual.”

We are offering telephonic and video calls, conferences, mediations, and strategic planning sessions to continue to service our clients and prospective clients, and are, of course, available for ongoing business partnerships via our virtual network!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone at 973-710-4366, by email, or, if necessary, carrier pigeon. (We are kidding about the last one, but you laughed, didn’t you?) Also, head to our social media pages for some tips on staying healthy, safe and sane during this time.

We are all in this together.

Category: Equitable Distribution

Which Spouse is Entitled to a COVID-19 Stimulus Check After a NJ Divorce or Separation?

COVID-19 Stimulus Check, Divorce, and Separation Attorneys Morristown NJ Although they are officially referred to as “2020 recovery rebates,” they are technically tax rebates which will be credited against federal income taxes owed in the next tax year. As the on-going pandemic and continuing job uncertainty do nothing to abate the financial woes many couples

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Can I Sell my House During Divorce?

Can I Sell my House During Divorce? Our partner attorney Amy L. Miller joined Jacobs Berger, LLC as a Partner in 2017 and continues to focus solely on family law issues.  Amy’s practice is in the area of family law including divorce,  mediation,  custody, visitation, alimony, and domestic violence. In the following video, Amy talks about your options when it

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“Shelter-in-place” Orders and Divorce During the COVID-19 Pandemic

“Shelter-in-place” Orders Impact the Amount of Divorce Cases in 2020 For those living in a struggling marriage, the stress exacerbated by “shelter-in-place” orders can be the tipping point. For the people of New Jersey and around the world, the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has greatly affected our daily lives. We have never experienced anything like it

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Avoid Inequitable Asset Distribution & Ensure Child Support Obligations

“Callahan” Constructive Trust, Asset Distribution and Child Support Obligations Attorneys While many divorces are relatively straightforward with couples negotiating for a fair and mutually beneficial outcome Unlike other states, alimony and spousal support in New Jersey are determined without any set guidelines, leaving both parties room for both negotiation and possible contention. Although most spouses

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Case Information Statement in a Divorce

Case Information Statement in Divorce Attorneys Morris County NJ One of the divorce proceedings your family law attorney will walk you through is the completion of the Case Information Statement, also known as a CIS. Going through a divorce is a complicated and often confusing process. The multitude of steps one must complete in order

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How are Retirement Accounts Handled in Divorce?

How Are Retirement Accounts Handled in Divorce? Our partner Amy L. Miller, besides her exceptional work at our firm, volunteers as a Family Law Early Settlement Panelist in Morris and Sussex County and she volunteers as a pro bono attorney for Jersey Battered Women’s Services (JBWS). In the following video, Amy goes over the benefits

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How does Equitable Distribution work in the State of New Jersey?

How does Equitable Distribution work in the State of New Jersey? Our founder attorney Sarah J. Jacobs, Esq. with nearly 20 years of experience, and certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Law Attorney and Qualified as a Family Law Mediator, explains in this video the proper concept of Equitable Distribution.

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