Weighing Child Support Payment Options Part II – Payment through the Probation Department

In Part I of this series, we focused on the positives and negatives about having child support paid directly from the obligor to the obligee. If you don’t know what these terms mean, or have forgotten, check out last week’s post for these definitions.  This week, we turn our attention to child support payments made to and [...]

Helping Children Cope During Divorce – Maintaining Stability Part II

Would you want to travel back in time to be a child again? Many people do not want to relive their childhood, even those who had the most loving parents, supportive siblings, and best of schools. There is a simple reason why when we transition from child to adult, we are often much happier, even [...]

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Final Restraining Order in NJ – Could it Last a Lifetime?

In New York, a Final Order of Protection issued by the Family Court lasts either two or five years. In Pennsylvania, a Protection from Abuse Order lasts up to three years, and in some instances can be renewed. In New Jersey, a Final Restraining Order (“FRO”) issued under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act (“PDVA”) [...]

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Can Third Parties be Required to Protect Marital Assets During Divorce?

“My husband is going to liquidate his 401(k)…” “My wife says she is going to clean out our savings account…” We hear this quite often from clients who are either on the brink of filing for divorce or who are in the thick of it. The thought of being on the brink of losing what you [...]

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“Can’t We All Just Get Along?” Planning for an Amicable Divorce

The late, great Nora Ephron wrote a lot about divorce. Divorced twice herself, she shared her wisdom and heartbreak with audiences as editor-at-large of Huffington Post Divorce. Among Ephron’s notable work is her list of lessons about the dissolution of marriage, which can help couples through the painful process. In 2010, in the introduction of Huff [...]

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The Financial Consequences of Divorce

You’re getting married! That’s great news. Unfortunately the statistics on divorce today could give you some pause before you take the plunge. Though no one wants to start out thinking about splitting up, it is a reality that a lot of people do consider and it’s best to be prepared. Years ago, such thinking gave rise [...]

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Filing for Divorce after Adultery- Know the Ins and Outs

Marriages end for a variety of reasons. Among the reasons couples may call it quits are financial fears, disagreements about children or religion, loss of romance, and sometimes, adultery. Not every marriage involving a cheating spouse will end in divorce. In the event you seek divorce after adultery,  regardless of the part you played, it’s [...]

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What’s in a Name?…That is the question.

After your partner gets down on one knee and you say yes, there’s more to consider than planning the wedding. What are you going to do about your name? A newly engaged person is faced with having to decide whether or not to take the fiancé’s last name. Although our modern society has established new [...]

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10 Tips on Staying Healthy While Managing the Grieving Process of Divorce

Life is messy at times. Divorce is more than a mess; the process itself is an upheaval of your whole life. Not only are you trying to find your new normal, but you are in the middle of re-establishing definitions of family, of friends, and you are nursing a wounded heart. In order for you to [...]

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What Visitation Rights Do Grandparents Have with Their Grandchildren?

Jamie Berger, Esq., presented an educational program on grandparent visitation claims vs. parental rights to attendees at the 22nd Annual Sophisticated Elder Law Conference, New Jersey’s premier continuing education program for attorneys, held at the New Jersey Law Center in New Brunswick, NJ. Ms. Berger expanded on grandparent visitation rights and the decision in the [...]

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