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Tips for Co-Parenting after a Divorce

Even though your divorce has ended many of your legal and financial obligations to your partner, one important obligation which has not ended is that of being parents to your children. Co-parenting with a former spouse after a divorce can be difficult, but is also extremely important for the healthy development and lifestyles of your […]

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Five Successful Co-Parenting Tips You Can Do Today

Keeping an eye on long-term goals helps put day-to-day decisions and situations in perspective. Academic, athletic and personal responsibility are typical goals parents have for their children. Parental expectations and aspirations have significant impact on the development of a child. This should not be surprising. When children grow up knowing their parents’ aspirations for them […]

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Guidelines for Successful Co-Parenting

So you have just finalized your divorce, and now you’re wondering how this co-parenting arrangement is going to work out. You’re aware that your immediate priority is to figure out the best way to raise your children, but you aren’t quite sure how to go about it. Divorces can be difficult, and in some cases, traumatic for children. […]

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How to Create Effective Boundaries with your Ex

Conflicts often continue long after your divorce is finalized, especially when children are involved. Setting boundaries helps manage high-conflict situations and helps ease you both, and the children, into a new routine. Setting effective boundaries can be challenging, but it becomes easier if you follow certain guidelines.  It’s most important to ask for what you want, […]

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How to Not Get Yourself in Trouble This Summer

School is out for summer, and now that kids are back home and out of the classroom, parents are putting the finishing touches on what will occupy their kids’ time besides Snapchat and Netflix. But when parents are separated or divorced, picking a summer camp, coordinating schedules, and planning a vacation can be a bit […]

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