Weighing Child Support Payment Options Part II – Payment through the Probation Department

In Part I of this series, we focused on the positives and negatives about having child support paid directly from the obligor to the obligee. If you don’t know what these terms mean, or have forgotten, check out last week’s post for these definitions.  This week, we turn our attention to child support payments made to and [...]

Weighing Child Support Payment Options: Part I – Direct Pay

Weighing your child support payment options is critical to any child support agreement.  Imagine a scenario where you and the other parent have been in a dispute for several months regarding how much child support should be paid on behalf of your child. Finally, you come to an agreement on the amount and it’s time to draw up [...]

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The Consequences of Unpaid Child Support in New Jersey

Failing to pay child support is a big problem all across the state of New Jersey and carries with it serious consequences. Child support payments range from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands dollars. A parent who isn’t paying their child support is frequently labeled a “deadbeat.” However, failure to pay isn’t always just [...]

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If at First You Don’t Succeed in Enforcing Your Court Order, Try, Try Again

Most litigants leaving Court with an Order in their hands, understand that failing to follow the terms outlined in the Order could have serious consequences. Often those consequences are spelled out in the Order filed with the Court, which helps keep the litigants’ behavior in check. So long as both parties have this understanding, they may never [...]

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The Startling Cost of Raising a Child

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, has recently issued its new findings on  child rearing costs in the U.S. The estimated average cost to raise a child from birth through age 17 is now $233,610, calculated in 2015 dollars. That estimate would apply to a middle income married couple [...]

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New Rules of the Road: Child Support and Car Insurance

Many parents paying child support have likely  found themselves in the position of being asked to contribute additional money to a child’s expenses that they presumed their child support payments were intended to cover. Here we examine the issue of Child Support - Car Insurance. As children get older and engage in numerous (and more [...]

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Emancipation and child support obligation changes in New Jersey

There will be some big changes to how children are emancipated and child support obligations are terminated in New Jersey next year. As a result of a law (P.L. 2015, c.223) signed by Governor Christie on January 19, 2016, a child will be automatically emancipated and child support will be automatically terminated (for that child [...]

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