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The Logistics of Child Custody Exchanges

Child Custody Exchanges: Co-Parenting & The Logistics of Visitation Creating Sensible Parenting-Time Arrangements across Madison, Tewksbury, Hanover, Florham Park, and Morris County If you have children and are in the process of a divorce, civil union dissolution, same sex divorce, domestic partnership or legal relationship dissolution, or if you are an unmarried parent in need of legal guidance

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What methods can JB use to resolve your Divorce?

Morristown Attorneys Divorce Methods Serving Divorce and Family Law Clients in Hanover, Madison, Morristown, Morris County and across Northern NJ Amy L. Miller, Esq details the methods when it comes to mediation. Amy’s practice is in the area of family law including divorce, custody, visitation, alimony and domestic violence. Amy is currently a Trustee on the Morris County Bar Association.

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