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Jamie Berger practices exclusively in the area of family law. She has extensive experience in all aspects of litigation in family and appellate court proceedings. Prior to entering into private practice, Jamie served as a Law Clerk for The Honorable Eugene A. Iadanza, J.S.C. in the Monmouth County Superior Court, Family Part.
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Do Grandparents Have Any Rights in New Jersey Divorce Cases?

Grandparents and Grandchildren Walking Along Beach In today’s society grandparents can serve as primary caretakers of their grandchildren, can provide daily caretaking services, or are very involved in their grandchildren’s upbringing. When a divorce occurs in a family, those grandparents are often left in limbo when it comes to grandparent visitation rights. In [...]

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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Co-Parenting

We can define a co-parent as the person or people who in some way contribute to raising a child. For example, a spouse, grandparents, unrelated caretakers, an ex, can all be considered co-parents although their roles may differ greatly from that of the primary parent. In a divorce, if the co-parent is an ex, or [...]

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Personal Growth: Taking Control

Although we cannot control all that happens in our life, we usually can control more than we realize. Our dreams, hopes, and desires are all in our control. While day-to-day we cannot control the temperature outside, we do control our level of comfort when venturing out, such as dressing in warm clothes on cold days [...]

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Do’s and Don’ts for Successful Co-Parenting

Have you ever wondered how you can make co-parenting a positive experience? It doesn’t have to be agonizing. You can amicably co-parent and allow your children to enjoy stability and family relationships. It may not be easy, but these proven guidelines for successful co-parenting  help  maintain calm and make communication more effective. […]

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Can Third Parties be Required to Protect Marital Assets During Divorce?

“My husband is going to liquidate his 401(k)…” “My wife says she is going to clean out our savings account…” We hear this quite often from clients who are either on the brink of filing for divorce or who are in the thick of it. The thought of being on the brink of losing what you [...]

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The Consequences of Unpaid Child Support in New Jersey

Failing to pay child support is a big problem all across the state of New Jersey and carries with it serious consequences. Child support payments range from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands dollars. A parent who isn’t paying their child support is frequently labeled a “deadbeat.” However, failure to pay isn’t always just [...]

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“Can’t We All Just Get Along?” Planning for an Amicable Divorce

The late, great Nora Ephron wrote a lot about divorce. Divorced twice herself, she shared her wisdom and heartbreak with audiences as editor-at-large of Huffington Post Divorce. Among Ephron’s notable work is her list of lessons about the dissolution of marriage, which can help couples through the painful process. In 2010, in the introduction of Huff [...]

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The Financial Consequences of Divorce

You’re getting married! That’s great news. Unfortunately the statistics on divorce today could give you some pause before you take the plunge. Though no one wants to start out thinking about splitting up, it is a reality that a lot of people do consider and it’s best to be prepared. Years ago, such thinking gave rise [...]

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If at First You Don’t Succeed in Enforcing Your Court Order, Try, Try Again

Most litigants leaving Court with an Order in their hands, understand that failing to follow the terms outlined in the Order could have serious consequences. Often those consequences are spelled out in the Order filed with the Court, which helps keep the litigants’ behavior in check. So long as both parties have this understanding, they may never [...]

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Guidelines for Successful Co-Parenting

So you have just finalized your divorce, and now you’re wondering how this co-parenting arrangement is going to work out. You’re aware that your immediate priority is to figure out the best way to raise your children, but you aren’t quite sure how to go about it. Divorces can be difficult, and in some cases, traumatic for children. [...]

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