Author: Allison Heaney Lamson, Esq.

Understanding Your Divorce Settlement Agreement

When a divorce is settled outside of a courtroom, be it through mediation, arbitration or through pre-trial negotiations, the divorcing couple is given the opportunity to add unique clauses and language to their Divorce Settlement Agreement (also refereed to as a Marital Settlement Agreement) in order to address issues and concerns specific to their unique situation. […]

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How a NJ Child Custody Agreement Can Affect a Parent’s Decisions and Wishes Regarding their Child’s Participation in Sports Programs

For those of us who participated in Fall high school sports, most of us brought home Parental Consent forms which were signed perfunctorily by one of our parents and returned without issue. The Parental Consent form, provided to every prospective player, was signed and returned before the first day of tryouts, at some point between […]

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How Is Alimony Calculated?

While the determination of child support has been largely standardized across New Jersey thanks to the Child Support Guidelines, when it comes to deciding an alimony agreement or modifying an existing alimony agreement, there are no precise “guidelines.” Rather, alimony is awarded based on the idea that an alimony agreement should “enable each party to […]

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Marital Agreements and Child Custody

Marital agreements, like prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, and non-marital agreements, can be great ways for couples to more clearly define their responsibilities to one another and their individual rights, both during their relationship and also in the event their relationship should end. Typically, these marital agreements will focus primarily on the couple’s financial relationship, addressing […]

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Destruction of Property and Domestic Violence

The New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act (PDVA) lists 18 different actions which, when committed, are considered to be domestic violence. What many people may not know is that acts of criminal mischief, specifically destroying another person’s property, can also be considered an act of domestic violence from which that person may ask the court […]

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How Can I Resolve My Divorce Without Court Litigation?

Before any Morris County divorce can be finalized, the divorcing couple will need to come to an agreement regarding the key issues of child custody, child support, alimony and spousal support, and division of assets. Every marriage is different, and for some couples deciding the issue of alimony may be particularly difficult, while deciding how […]

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Weighing Child Support Payment Options Part II – Payment through the Probation Department

In Part I of this series, we focused on the positives and negatives about having child support paid directly from the obligor to the obligee. If you don’t know what these terms mean, or have forgotten, check out last week’s post for these definitions.  This week, we turn our attention to child support payments made to and […]

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