About Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

Sarah Jacobs is dedicated to protecting the interests of clients in family law proceedings. Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Law Attorney, and Qualified as a Mediator, Sarah possesses close to 15 years of experience practicing law throughout the State of New Jersey. Together with partner Jamie N. Berger, Esq. their boutique Morristown family law firm is managed with the goal of providing high-quality service tailored to each client's individual needs. In her capacity as both a family law mediator and litigator, Sarah works with negotiation-minded clients in a cooperative setting. She is also a skilled litigator with the knowledge needed to take even the most complex cases to court, if necessary.

Helping Children Cope During Divorce – Maintaining Stability Part II

Would you want to travel back in time to be a child again? Many people do not want to relive their childhood, even those who had the most loving parents, supportive siblings, and best of schools. There is a simple reason why when we transition from child to adult, we are often much happier, even [...]

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Final Restraining Order in NJ – Could it Last a Lifetime?

In New York, a Final Order of Protection issued by the Family Court lasts either two or five years. In Pennsylvania, a Protection from Abuse Order lasts up to three years, and in some instances can be renewed. In New Jersey, a Final Restraining Order (“FRO”) issued under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act (“PDVA”) [...]

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Filing for Divorce after Adultery- Know the Ins and Outs

Marriages end for a variety of reasons. Among the reasons couples may call it quits are financial fears, disagreements about children or religion, loss of romance, and sometimes, adultery. Not every marriage involving a cheating spouse will end in divorce. In the event you seek divorce after adultery,  regardless of the part you played, it’s [...]

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How to Create Effective Boundaries with your Ex

Conflicts often continue long after your divorce is finalized, especially when children are involved. Setting boundaries helps manage high-conflict situations and helps ease you both, and the children, into a new routine. Setting effective boundaries can be challenging, but it becomes easier if you follow certain guidelines.  It’s most important to ask for what you want, [...]

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10 Tips on Staying Healthy While Managing the Grieving Process of Divorce

Life is messy at times. Divorce is more than a mess; the process itself is an upheaval of your whole life. Not only are you trying to find your new normal, but you are in the middle of re-establishing definitions of family, of friends, and you are nursing a wounded heart. In order for you to [...]

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The Startling Cost of Raising a Child

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, has recently issued its new findings on  child rearing costs in the U.S. The estimated average cost to raise a child from birth through age 17 is now $233,610, calculated in 2015 dollars. That estimate would apply to a middle income married couple [...]

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What you need to know about property division in a New Jersey divorce case

Couples who are going through a divorce in New Jersey may have their marital property and assets divided using the equitable distribution model. In addition to the many topics that must be negotiated during divorce proceedings, New Jersey couples must divide their marital estate, including shared property, assets and debt. While some couples can do [...]

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More NJ couples recognize mediation as a civil way to terminate marriage

Divorce mediation is an alternative to traditional court divorce that offers couples several benefits when it comes to terminating a marriage. Many New Jersey couples have come to the conclusion that the divorce process in America is not one size fits all. While some people who are going through a separation filled with animosity and [...]

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Domestic Violence: It’s Not Always What You Think

When you picture a victim of domestic violence, you may first see someone that has been physically assaulted, and based on statistics and stereotypes, you probably see a woman. But domestic violence can take on many different forms, which New Jersey's own Prevention of Domestic Violence Act recognizes. Some of the fifteen (15) different "predicate [...]

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