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Family Law Appeals Attorneys

New Jersey’s state court system has three levels: the Superior Court (Trial Court/Family Division), the Appellate Division and the Supreme Court. If a certain child custody order, support order or other family court order is entered and the relief ordered isn’t in your favor, you can appeal the decision to a higher court.

At the law firm of Jacobs Berger, LLC, our appellate practice involves petitioning one of the higher judicial branches to overturn or change the decision of a lower court, or in certain cases, to remand the matter to the Trial Court for a rehearing of the issues. There are very specific timelines and very specific rules regarding applications to both the Appellate Division and the Supreme Court. We have a detailed understanding of these deadlines and requirements and will ensure that your case is handled as expediently, effectively and comprehensively as possible.

Our firm was founded by Sarah Jacobs, who have nearly 25 years of combined experience dealing with matrimonial and family law cases at every level of the judicial system and who have been part of reported and unreported cases in all of these levels.

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We provide comprehensive service and advocacy to our clients. This means that we will partner with you from the minute you walk in the door until long after you leave.

Our prior clients return to us because they are deeply satisfied with our services and appreciate the reciprocal attorney-client loyalty fostered at our firm. We also garner numerous referrals from prior and current clients who direct friends and family our way. Clients appreciate that we are real people who handle real situations and we appreciate their loyalty.

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To learn more about how Jacobs Berger, LLC, can help you appeal a divorce judgment or any other family court decision, we invite you to request an initial case evaluation. Call our Morristown office at 973-718-7705. Alternately, you may contact one of our family law appeals lawyers via email.