Month: February 2017

Guidelines for Successful Co-Parenting

So you have just finalized your divorce, and now you’re wondering how this co-parenting arrangement is going to work out. You’re aware that your immediate priority is to figure out the best way to raise your children, but you aren’t quite sure how to go about it. Divorces can be difficult, and in some cases, traumatic for children.

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How to Create Effective Boundaries with your Ex

Conflicts often continue long after your divorce is finalized, especially when children are involved. Setting boundaries helps manage high-conflict situations and helps ease you both, and the children, into a new routine. Setting effective boundaries can be challenging, but it becomes easier if you follow certain guidelines.  It’s most important to ask for what you want,

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What Visitation Rights Do Grandparents Have with Their Grandchildren?

Jamie Berger, Esq., presented an educational program on grandparent visitation claims vs. parental rights to attendees at the 22nd Annual Sophisticated Elder Law Conference, New Jersey’s premier continuing education program for attorneys, held at the New Jersey Law Center in New Brunswick, NJ. Ms. Berger expanded on grandparent visitation rights and the decision in the

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